Strategy Consultants Without Borders

We craft expert strategies, use sophisticated polling and opinion research, solve problems, and drive opportunities that implement national, regional, and local winning results.

The Strategy Consultants Without Borders Team (SCWBT), helps leading candidates, parties, government leaders, corporations and advocacy groups across the United States and around the world. Whether you want to win your election, govern your city, state, or country well, raise your profitability, or change the world, we have the research and strategies to help you succeed.


∙ Campaign Strategy & Management ∙ Political Polling ∙ Speech Writing ∙ Political Coaching & Image Consulting ∙ Coalition Building ∙ Telephone Town Halls ∙ Political Crisis Management ∙ Political Direct Mail ∙ Strategic Counsel


There’s a reason we “Make It Happen.” It is the energy and passion we bring to every meeting and conference room we enter. It’s the way we do things. The Strategy Consultants Without Borders Team’s (SCWBT) successful strategic approach to everything we do is rooted in the fact that we provide the complete public affairs package. We’ll give you the strategy, management, and the necessary tools to implement solutions.

∙ Local Government ∙ International Relations ∙ Crisis Management & Litigation Support ∙ Research


“Supporting political campaigns that share our values and are part of the movement to advance positive social change” 

Positive political fundraising is a natural evolution of the advocacy fundraising work The Strategy Consultants Without Borders Team (SCWBT) Group has always done. By supporting political campaign fundraising efforts, we are able to further extend our impact in the causes and areas our clients care about such as: advancing progressive social policy, human rights, individual equality and well-being, education, and environmental conservation.

∙ Event, Meeting & Convention Management ∙ Legislative Days & Receptions ∙ Political Action Committee Planning ∙ Outreach & Coalition Building ∙ Grassroots Advocacy ∙ Nonprofit Management


The Strategy Consultants Without Borders Team (SCWBT) Group supports diverse communication needs in many complex industries. Our firm and team members have extensive experience working on large-scale strategic planning, community engagement, and complex communication programs for a wide range of clients. We support the initiatives and goals of our clients and understand the unique nature of the industries we represent.

The Strategy Consultants Without Borders Team (SCWBT) Sector Expertise Includes:

∙ Arts, Culture & Entertainment   ∙ Consumer Products & Services

∙ Civic & Mission Based   ∙ Education   ∙ Energy & Environment

∙ Financial Services ∙Governmental Legislation Advocacy

∙ Healthcare   ∙ Issue Communications

∙ Land Use   ∙ Political Campaigns   ∙ Real Estate & Development

∙ Sports   ∙ Technology & Telecomm   ∙ Transportation & Infrastructure

∙ Building Brands ∙ Strategic Communications ∙ Reputation Planning ∙ Distinctive Positioning


We are always in the right place and at the right time because of our media strategy and development. Our goal is to make sure your message is in front of the people who need to see it, no matter where they spend their time. Our team of media planners work collectively with our strategists and creative teams to segment and analyze target audiences. We place media in outlets that give you the biggest impact and best returns. We are and constantly monitoring and optimizing to direct and target your media buys into the highest-performing placements. We make sure we speak to each audience differently for the media to be highly relevant and effective. We ensure you are where you need to be, and we will always get you there.

∙ Creative Content ∙ Brand Strategy ∙ Digital Campaigns ∙ Integrated Communications ∙ Advertising & Material Development ∙ Media Strategy: Print | Television | Radio ∙ Social Media ∙ Public Relations