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Mihran Kalaydjian

Executive Vice-Chair

Mihran offers clients extensive experience in providing opinion research, message development, and strategic communication services..

Mihran’s clients benefit from his first-hand, hands-on experience at the local, state and federal levels of government, his abilities as one of the most talented political strategists in the state, and the long list of friends and colleagues he has nurtured over many years.

Mihran provides an invaluable, seasoned perspective that draws on his lifetime of experience. He has built a record of success from the grassroots all the way to the very highest levels of American politics and government. From crucial state and local races to issue campaigns and grassroots initiatives to congressional and presidential politics, Mihran brings to every task he faces a unique knowledge of the latest advances in modern technology and voter persuasion techniques, coupled with an unrivaled array of personal and professional contacts from coast-to-coast.

With his years of experience, Mihran excels in scheduling, advanced logistics and event management. He has served as producer or lead at major events ranging from rallies and press conferences to inaugural ceremonies and statewide gubernatorial debates. His strategies to effect change in the regulatory, legislative and executive branch decision-making process have been invaluable to his clients in a wide array of areas.

Mihran has more than an 18-year record of creating winning public affairs strategies for businesses and state and local governments.

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